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sms news
@ ::SMS::
Feb 16 2006, 14:21 (UTC+0)
From: Strokerace :
OgGiZ writes: Steganography is the way spies hide data inside a file stream. It is both a complex and useful art requiring a lot of knowledge in file formats. There are several programs doing the job but I will present here the theories beyond the softwares.Read more here

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Microsoft prepares 'critical' Windows patch
@ ::SMS::
Feb 14 2006, 13:24 (UTC+0)
From: Strokerace :
   Microsoft is scheduled to release two patches for its Windows operating system on Tuesday 13 December.

At least one of the patches has a security rating of 'critical' and requires a system reboot, the company said in a security bulletin on its website.

Microsoft traditionally releases its security software patches on the second Tuesday of the month. An advanced notification is sent out on the Thursday before to allow systems administrators to prepare for the forthcoming update.

Read more here

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A news back-end to implement Edge news into your website is here or more advanced version here.
@ :: geek's lifestyle ::     May 04 2006, 18:21 (UTC+0)
Strokerace writes: Property by definition of law is what is capable of being owned. In the modern era, energy is not expelled creating new products; it is used in the creation of new concepts and initiatives. Intellectual property encompasses this idea and creates a set of regulations that allow the protection of ideas and concepts so that the creator of the work has exclusive rights to the material produced. Examples of these kinds of intellectual property are copyrights, patents, trademarks and design rights (the latter two being more of a commercial endeavour).

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@ :: theme of the month ::     Mar 06 2006, 17:42 (UTC+0)
Strokerace writes: Ok folks, it has been sometime now since edge has been revamped. I have been using this site more as a test site in the last few years. I have used it for testing out new features for edge. I have used it to convert Edge to meet w3c standards. Now its time to change Edge again. I will be making it use CSS now. By doing so, it will no longer use tables. I am going to guess that it will take me anywhere from 4 months to 6 months to finish it. I will still be making bug fixes and maintaining the orignal edge code in the mean time.

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test no1Strokerace05.Mar:00:16

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@ :: geek's lifestyle ::     Mar 06 2006, 16:32 (UTC+0)
Strokerace writes:

teddy writes: Through some discussion on the forums, we have decided that we will soon be doing a short, weekly podcast for the members of NewOrder. It will cover current security news, article breakdowns and summaries, coverage of the latest tech news, and hopefully some interviews of prominent people in the security community.continued...

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@ :: geek's lifestyle ::     Mar 06 2006, 16:31 (UTC+0)
Strokerace writes:
cd writes: Recently you may have noticed a few changes to the site navigation bar. These have been implemented by Cereal and aim to provide a less cluttered way for you to get around your favourite community security site. Most noticabe is the inclusion of a file 'vault'. continued...

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Google's Slow Path to the Darkside
@ :: geek's lifestyle ::     Mar 06 2006, 12:18 (UTC+0)
Strokerace writes: Google's Slow Path to the Darkside
@ Out of the box Jan 27 2006, 10:41 (UTC-4)

Resolution writes: If Yoda were here, he would surely sense a disturbance in the "Force". It seems as though the highly popular Google corporation has lately been making some questionable business decisions that have caught the attention of many privacy groups and security advocates. I'll just touch upon the recent happenings in the news, and you can make your own decisions on Google's behavior. continued...

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